One of the many reasons that I love my work as a Dallas professional newborn baby and child photographer is the satisfaction I get from helping my clients to document their family’s special moments.

When a family visit my photography studio with their new baby, innocently sleeping, curled up as if they were in the womb, they know all too well that so much will change in such a short amount of time. Parents want to capture those precious first days in their child’s life and have photographs to look back on – something they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives.

By the time clients come back to me for commemorative first birthday photo shoots, the baby has transformed into a bundle of fun and is literally bursting with personality! It’s genuinely an absolute thrill to have them return to me and for me to see how much the baby has changed in that first year.

Cake smash time! 

First birthday cake smash photo shoots are so hot right now. For the uninitiated, a cake smash session literally involves the baby ‘smashing up’ a beautifully iced, giant birthday cake in celebration of this all-important milestone.

The magic happens when the child gets well and truly stuck into the cake. I snap away, taking photographs to record the fun… and the chaos! A cake smash photoshoot is definitely a multi-sensory experience!

The arrival of a newborn, the first time a baby sits up independently or a first birthday celebration – these are all special moments in a child’s life that parents love to capture through photography.

Perhaps if you have a baby under one, you’ll consider a cake smash for their first birthday? It’ll certainly be a birthday celebration to remember!